About Us

University of Toronto Track Club is a non-profit organization that excels in both developmental and high-performance track & field and cross-country programs.  These programs operate at the University of Toronto in conjunction with the U of T Varsity track & field and cross-country programs.

Established in 1971 our club has a long history of success in developing athletes and coaches to their highest level of personal accomplishment possible.  Our successful formula has resulted in many individual and club successes including sending athletes and coaches to, and helping them qualify for and succeed at, provincial, national and international competitions and championships such as the Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, World Champions and Olympics.

Our focus is on individual development of both athletes and coaches, and on assisting individuals to excel in life and in athletics up to their potential at the provincial, national and international levels.

UTTC is a competitive athletics club in a way that it:

  • Fosters, stimulates and promotes interest in amateur track and field athletics
  • Exemplifies integrity, honesty, sportsman like conduct and fair play
  • Maximizes athletic skills by creating opportunities for high performance success
  • Promotes wellness, inclusivity and safety
  • Fosters a sense of community, perspective and confidence;
  • Develops the ability to evaluate performance, set goals and strategies;
  • Recognizes achievement and continuous improvement;
  • Creates a fun, healthy environment and a sense of belonging to the club