Ethan Davenport

The beginning:

A fracture femur and an old YouTube video of the Sydney Olympic Triathlon got my running journey started over 15 years ago.

The middle:

  • Varsity athlete & captain: U of T Track & XC 2009-2014
  • Started coaching U of T Jr. Blues and various Toronto school teams in 2014
  • Started coaching UTTC Jr. Development in the fall of 2015
  • Sr. School Science Teacher at The Bishop Strachan

The end:

Personal coaching goals:

  • Creating a training environment & coach-athlete relationship that supports:
    *In order of importance & difficulty
    1. a positive lifelong relationship with the sport
    2. a long-term development in the sport
    3. high performing athletes in the sport
  • Personal athletic goals:
    1. To run a sub-4 min mile all alone on my high school track one summer evening.